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We want to make screening as widespread as possible. Wanna help? Donate a kit and we’ll provide a kit on your behalf to someone who needs to screen.

Accessing screening can be a challenge for many. We realize the cost of Eve Kit could be a barrier for some who would benefit most. When you donate a kit, you're helping to make sure this isn't the case. (PS You’re amazing!)

We’re delighted to be partnering with community organizations across Canada to support screening in underscreened populations like the trans community. Transmasculine people are less likely to screen for cervical cancer and STIs, and are at higher risk for related preventable disease. Trans people often face additional barriers in accessing healthcare: for instance, one in five trans men reported being turned away from a healthcare provider. Your support can help provide a safer alternative. Learn more about trans sexual health.

Do you work with a community or group that has trouble accessing screening? Do you think Eve Kit could help? Send us an email at

*Note: this is not a taxable donation. Eve Medical is a for-profit business and not a registered charity.

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