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Intended use: Eve Kit is a specimen collection device intended for the collection, transport, and preservation of cervico-vaginal specimens to be used with molecular diagnostic tests, including those detecting human papillomavirus (HPV) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Eve Kit should not be used if you are pregnant.


Eve Kit should not be used during menstruation.


For single use only. Re-use can result in infection or incorrect diagnosis.


Do not use if the device packaging has been damaged or if the expiry date has passed.


If you experience pain, bleeding or unusual vaginal discharge, contact your healthcare provider.

Do not use other vaginal products for at least 48hrs before collecting a sample. Vaginal contraceptives, condoms, and water based lubricants can be used.


Samples will be processed in a certified laboratory.


Wash your hands before using.

Peel the pouch from the top corner, and take the device out of the package.

Hold the blue part of the device with your finger on the indents and point the white tip towards you.

Stand with your legs apart, by raising your leg or by squatting, which ever is most comfortable for you.

Insert the white tip into your vagina, do not insert the blue part.

Slowly and gently twist the tip of the blue handle LEFT ⇦ until it stops turning.

Slowly and gently remove the device from your vagina.

Twist the tip of the blue handle RIGHT ⇨ to retract the pink brush back into the device fully.

Place the device into the provided plastic bag and seal the bag tightly.

Put the bag (with device) back in the box. Seal the box using the sticker and tab provided. Send the box by normal mail as soon as possible.

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