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The first time my girlfriend and I hooked up I thought I was allergic to her. Forget just seasonal allergies—although I do have a friend who recounted a terrible story of how they’d awkwardly had to stop in the middle of hooking up after leaking mucus every which way, because...

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Guest blog post by Shirley Weir, Menopause Chicks.   As a social experiment, I say “menopause” at cocktail parties. I receive some weird, strange and uncomfortable reactions. Women will sometimes resist the topic by turning their hand into the shape of a stop sign, planting it firmly in front of...

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Most women have an idea of what vaginal dryness is but are not 100% sure of why it happens and how to make it not affect your daily life and sex life as much. Important point! You are not alone, over 2 billion people are susceptible to vaginal dryness due...

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