Working at Eve Medical has been a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got to learn things that I wouldn’t have had the chance to anywhere else.


My experience at Eve all started when Jessica came to a conference my university was hosting, and I got to hear her speak. I was so captivated by her story of how she and Evan started Eve Medical and her process of using her design skills to help innovate women’s health. I knew this was a company that I would want to get involved with and contribute to making a difference in women’s health.

I was debating whether or not to contact Jess and ask her whether or not they were interested in having a summer intern. I was about to throw out my drafted email when I realized that there would be no harm if I sent an email — all I would get is a no, and it couldn’t hurt. So I just pressed the send button and waited. I would like to say I was relaxed and didn’t expect anything, but I was nervous and was hoping for this potential summer opportunity. When I got the email back from Jess saying they were interested in me working at Eve Medical, I almost clicked my heels!

After finishing up my term and exams at school, it was time for me to actually start working with the team. I was both excited and extremely nervous. I wanted to make a good impression and try not to mess up. But as soon as I got to the office and met the team, I knew that this was going to be a great summer and one that I wouldn’t forget.

The people who make up Eve are the type of individuals you what to surround yourself with — positive, funny, kind and outgoing people. Never was there a time I didn’t feel as if I belonged or was not helpful. Half of the reason why I had such an incredible time was because of these great people that gave me the chance to grow as a person.

The other half of the reason why I found this such a great opportunity was that I started the summer with very little understanding of what it took to run a startup and the amount of teamwork it took, but, at Eve Medical some way they make it look easy. Not only did I grasp a better understanding of the business side of the company, but I gained so many technical skills in design that I didn’t have before. All of this knowledge came from hands-on experiences that Eve Medical offered me. From working on designs for social media to developing pamphlets for conferences to filming events and interviewing women. Each experience was new and unique to me and allowed me to grow so much more than I had expected.

Looking back to the beginning of the summer, almost four months ago, I have had an experience of a lifetime at Eve Medical, and I know that I have made lifelong connections and memories. Whenever I was asked about what I got up to this summer, I am always excited to say working at Eve Medical! I just want to say thank you to everyone at Eve Medical for giving me this chance and opportunity.


Amirah Mohamed