Guest Post By: Maya

I’d like to start this blog with a big thank you to the Eve Medical team, Izzy, Jen, Jess and Evan! This has been a wonderful opportunity where I was able learn so many new things, some of which I expected but many I did not! Whether that was exploring the inner-workings of a start-up company, sales, social media and even blog writing, it has been an incredibly valuable experience!

A few months ago, I had stumbled upon a list of start-up’s focusing on health promotion. When I looked into Eve Medical, I was extremely interested in their goal to promote women’s health through a convenient and accessible product thereby reducing barriers to HPV screening. I had written a paper for a class this past year regarding the rising cases of STIs among Ontario youth; this was one of the reasons why I was really excited about Eve Medical, and particularly their upcoming chlamydia and gonorrhea Eve Kits. Hesitant to reach out to Jess (mainly because there wasn’t a careers page or mention of internship opportunities on their website), I thought, why not. I emailed Jess with a little introduction about why I wanted to intern at Eve, alongside the standard application requirements like my CV and transcript. Not having expected much, I was happily surprised when I got a response! We had a chat on the phone, and the rest is history. All jokes aside, I was very eager to start my summer internship at Eve!

I spent the first couple days getting the lay of the land, learning how to navigate the various systems and daily tasks. Everyone was so welcoming, kind, helpful and supportive.  On one of my first days, I got to go with Izzy to an (successful) introduction meeting with a naturopath. This was a great way to learn more about the company, product and service Eve Medical provides. Another extremely interesting aspect of my internship was blog writing. Although I was not the most confident in my blog-writing ability, which is very much different from essay-writing, let me tell you, it was one of the best parts of the internship. By writing blogs, I was able to research a range of topics of interest to me, from women’s health, to sexual health, the education system, and many more! This allowed me to investigate and explore both the biological and social sides of health. All in all, I was able to learn many technical skills related to sales, marketing, social media and various other fields!

For anyone reading this blog considering an internship, I would very, very, very highly recommend applying to Eve Medical! This has been one of the best internship experiences I have had, and I am extremely excited to see where this amazing company goes!

Thanks again to everyone at Eve!





Maya is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto, Trinity College, pursing a bachelor with a double major in Economics and Health Studies. She has been an intern here at Eve Medical during the summer of 2018, assisting with sales, outreach, social media, operations and a variety of other aspects. She has previous experience working in the healthcare industry and health consulting firms, and hopes to continue working in the field in the future. Maya is particularly interested in the intersection between economics, health and technology, and hopes to pursue a masters after the completion of her undergraduate degree.